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Censorship risks drift towards authoritarianism

Marc Glendening writes for Conservative Home

Marc Glendening, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs and author of Dictating words, has written for Conservative Home, critiquing how restrictions to free speech are challenging the liberal democracy, and what political actions need to be undertaken. 

Marc wrote:

“The CCL, unlike their traditional social democrat and Marxist predecessors who were fixated on bringing about a transfer of economic power, are focused instead on achieving a cultural equality of outcome. This is married to their assumption that western society is characterised by a network of informal ‘power structures’ that are said to keep a range of identity groups – that they have manufactured into existence through theory – marginalised. None of these assumptions are verifiable.

“If words are perceived to be a potential source of coercive power than all human relations are viewed as part of the struggle for social domination between allegedly oppressor and oppressed groups. In other words, a zero-sum game of will to power.”

Read Marc’s full piece here.

Read a full copy of Dictating words: The Culture-Control Left and the war against free speech here.

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