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Can success in football boost birth rates?

Annabel Denham writes for The Spectator

In an op-ed for The Spectator, IEA Director of Communications, Annabel Denham, discussed the impact of football and, most importantly, Covid restriction on birth rates across the world.

Annabel argued attempts by a “puritanical” minority to keep restrictions on night clubs would exacerbate slumps in birth rates. Although declining birth rates were occurring before the pandemic, the government need to think about how it will tackle low births without objectifying women as “baby machines“.

Annabel said: “If shrinking populations will result in fewer young taxpayers able to foot the pensions or healthcare bills of the older generation, do we need a more liberal immigration system? Given the housing crisis is widely believed to be behind a couple’s decision to delay having children, do we reform planning laws, allowing more homes to be built and lowering costs for the young? Is it time for the state to stop spending at levels close to the taxable capacity of its citizens?”

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