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Businesses need tax cuts, not more feeble and expensive schemes


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Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

Government and Institutions

Emma Revell writes for The Telegraph

Annabel Denham writes for The Telegraph

In an op-ed for The Telegraph, IEA Director of Communications Annabel Denham has taken aim at a raft of ‘leaked’ budget measures, arguing for a more fiscally responsible budget which spurs economic growth.

With rumours circulating that the Chancellor is looking to help SMEs with government funded management training called the ‘Help to Grow Scheme’, Denham argued that the “government hasn’t just fallen into the trap of charging companies at one end while offering them gimmicks at the other – it is leaping in with both feet”.

Annabel added that “the government needs to adopt policies that will boost our tax competitiveness and slash red tape”, making the case that SMEs will need pro-growth policies not feeble and expensive schemes like ‘Help to Grow’.

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