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Britain’s police force desperately needs reform


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Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

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Christopher Snowdon writes for The Critic

Jamie Whyte writes for The Critic

IEA Senior Research Fellow Jamie Whyte has written for The Critic on how the correct price incentives for the police form are the first step to take in crime reduction.

Jamie wrote:

“A report published by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services last week revealed that only six per cent of crimes in England and Wales result in someone being charged.

“The police don’t need to be told what to do by politicians who wouldn’t have a clue about how to run a police force. Nor do they need to be rewarded with increased budgets when they underperform. They need to be put in the position of private enterprises, whose fortunes depend on how well they provide for their customers. 

“Most importantly, if ACME cannot deter crime well enough, the tariffs it pays London will be so high that it will make a loss and, ultimately, go out of business. Good. The London contract can be awarded to a more proficient policing company, which might hire Acme’s police officers and put them to better use.”

You can read the full article here.