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Britain must re-embrace economic liberalism


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Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

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Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Sun

Annabel Denham writes for The Times

In an article for The Times Red Box, IEA Director of Communications Annabel Denham wrote about the need for Britain to embrace economic liberalism and fight against the growing big government consensus emerging in British politics.

Annabel argued: “Classical liberals have long found themselves at odds with the Conservatives across a range of policy areas, from immigration to drug liberalisation. If the Tories tack further left on economics, that divide will only widen.

Annabel then issued a call for action, saying that free markets must win the peace after the Covid pandemic fallout: “Free marketeers can put on their boots and return to fighting for freedom in the trenches if duty calls. But if Butskellism really is back, we will be all the poorer for it”.

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