Britain can gain a competitive edge over EU in cultivated meat innovation

IEA research quoted in Food Navigator

IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh has been featured in Food Navigator discussing his new paper, Bangers and Cash. The article highlights the risk of Europe falling behind in the race to exploit the benefits of cultivated meat products.

Matthew was quoted:

“It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – producing meat without animals. But it’s closer than we realise. The first cultivated or lab-grown meat product was presented in 2013, while the first sale was in Singapore in 2020. Now, across the world, there is a race to widespread commercialisation.

But in the UK this could be held back by unnecessarily cumbersome and precautionary regulation. Brexit provides the opportunity for the UK to diverge from the EU’s approach and introduce a regulatory regime that is more welcoming of food innovations such as cultivated meat, allowing us to become a world-leader in the transformative technology.”

The full article can be read here and a copy of Bangers and Cash here.