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Banning alcohol adverts unlikely to reduce drinking


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IEA Research quoted in The Express

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In the Media

Christopher Snowdon writes for The Critic

IEA Research quoted by The Times

IEA’s recent publication, Alcohol Advertising: What does the evidence show? has been quoted by The Times in their piece discussing the lack of evidence supporting the fact that alcohol bans lower consumption.

The Times wrote:

In a report the Institute of Economic Affairs says there is ‘remarkably little evidence’ to suggest banning advertising would reduce alcohol-related harm.

“It found ‘the weight of evidence leans towards alcohol advertising having no important effect on the aggregate demand for alcohol’. The think tank looked at academic papers assessing the impact in countries and regions where some form of alcohol marketing restriction has been in place. 

“Canada, Scandinavia, France and Russia were among the places analysed. The IEA concluded there was no ‘robust’ evidence showing that a ban had a significant effect on demand for alcohol. It suggested that advertising spending had little impact on overall drinking levels.”

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The paper was also quoted in The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Courier and