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Bank of England ‘boxed into a corner’ by stubborn inflation


In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in i News

In the Media

Matthew Lesh quoted in The Telegraph

Julian Jessop quoted in The Express and The Mirror

IEA Economics Fellow Julian Jessop has been quoted in The Daily Express, and The Daily Mirror responding to news that the rate of inflation remained at a higher-than-expected 10.1 per cent in March 2o23.

Julian said in The Express:

“Today’s grim inflation data have boxed the Bank of England into a corner. The Monetary Policy Committee has said that evidence of more persistent inflation would mean interest rates have to rise further, so another increase next month may now be inevitable.”

Julian was quoted in The Mirror:

“Unfortunately, if your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail.

“The Bank seems set to raise interest rates further, increasing the risks of overkill.”

Read the full Daily Express article here and The Mirror piece here. You can also find Julian’s words on page eight of The Daily Record (20/04/2023).