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Arbitrarily capping prices on energy bills would be counterproductive


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Press Release

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Reaction to Conservative party plans to place a cap on household energy bills

Commenting on the Conservative Party’s plan to cap household energy bills, Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Introducing a cap on household energy prices would be a clumsy and counterproductive government intervention that could have an adverse effect on the energy market. A cap would likely backfire with companies finding some way around them: either by pushing prices higher now in anticipation of the cap; by increasing their lower prices to offset the cap at the top; or even by cutting back on much-needed investment in the sector to make savings.

“There is some market inefficiency in the sense that it is made difficult for customers to find cheaper tariffs and switch providers. But for the Government to arbitrarily decide that the bill is too high and therefore set an explicit cap is an ill-measured reaction to the problem at hand.”

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