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Andy Mayer tells Greta Thunberg to focus on Chinese emissions


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Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

In the Media

Dr Richard Wellings quoted in the Yorkshire Post

Andy Mayer quoted in The Sun

The Sun on Sunday revealed that China’s 35th largest city emits an equal amount as two-thirds of the UK.

Andy Mayer, Chief Operating Officer at the IEA, commented:

“Greta Thunberg and her followers play safe outrage theatre in Glasgow, hurling empty abuse at leaders of countries that are already making great progress in decarbonising their economies.”

“Greta is right to point out that the conference is mostly a vanity project, riddled with hypocrisy and wishful thinking.”

“But she should reserve her pointed barbs for those doing real harm, like China, which continues to invest in more coal power than the rest of the world combined.”

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