2 thoughts on “Education reform after Covid: let’s go back to first principles”

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    Good points in here, although one could easily brand this coronafirmation bias.

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    Some fascinating views many of which would be so difficult, but perhaps much needed to initiate in the maintained sector.
    Not entirely sure I agree with the opening statement though, that almost needs reversing to ‘damaging to the mental health of many of our children and the educational progress of some of them.’
    I shudder when I read the sentiment that teachers do not need Qualified Teacher Status. So many of the really poor levels of classroom management I have witnessed over the years are from teachers who came late to the game and/or have yet to achieve QTS.
    As with all sweeping generalisations, there are of course many exceptions to the rule. Some brilliant people out there, but too many with no control over a bunch of teenagers or no idea how to foster the relationships that will allow them to teach or allow others in a class to learn.
    It may the qualification needs to change, but qualified you should be. After all I would be aghast to visit the doctor, dentist, optician, chiropractor, lawyer, et cetera, only to find out they had been 15 years in the city and had decided to change tack, but couldn’t quite be bothered to get qualified. After all anyone can do it right?

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