An analysis of how the profit motive drove competition and therefore improvements in the Swedish education system

This IEA Discussion Paper looks at the role of for-profit schools in Sweden and for the first time provides quantitative … Continue reading “Schooling for Money: Swedish Education Reform and the Role of the Profit Motive (web publication)”

A new book which explores how the current system of secondary education is not fit for purpose

This book synthesizes an array of research and shows how these insights can contribute to a better understanding of human … Continue reading “Overschooled but Undereducated: How the Crisis in Education is Jeopardizing our Adolescents”

An expert analysis of higher education policy

In the twenty-fifth IEA Discussion Paper, Sir Cyril Taylor GBE analyses the deficiencies of the English higher education system. The … Continue reading “How English Universities Could Learn from the American Higher Education System”