The Economic Socialisation of Young People


Economic Theory

A new series bringing together all of Arthur Seldon's writing. Books available individually or as a set

Economic Theory

The seventh volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

This unusual new book explores how young people develop an understanding of money

All parents want their children to be ‘savvy’ about money. All governments want their citizens to be informed, sensible and responsible when it comes to earning, saving, spending and investing money. In his latest book, Professor Adrian Furnham investigates the economic socialisation of children and adolescents. He looks at how, when and why some people become economically literate and others do not, and attempts a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the scattered interdisciplinary research in this much neglected and important field.

This is a book that will be welcomed by many different groups of people—not least parents bewildered by the complexities and pitfalls of pocket-money systems.

2009, Published by the Social Affairs Unit
ISBN 978 1 904863 33 5, 210pp, HB