The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon


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A new series bringing together all of Arthur Seldon's writing. Books available individually or as a set

Arthur Seldon was born in 1916 and has lived through the most dynamic and volatile century in the history of mankind. His advocacy of and undeterred belief in classical liberalism have sought to combat the intoxicating and deceptive ‘comfort’ of collectivism created by the instability of two world wars and unprecedented technological and sociological change.

Published by Liberty Fund The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon spans sixty-five years of Seldon’s influential thought and elaborates on the genesis of almost all the public/private debates currently before the world. His arguments are as compelling and relevant today as they were over half a century ago.

The Complete Set – All Seven Volumes

Each volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon is available to buy individually. Alternatively, these beautiful hardback books are available as a complete set. Purchasing a complete set represents a saving of £17.00 over buying the volumes individually.

The Seven Volumes

The seven volumes are available to buy individually for £13.95 inc P&P

The Virtues of Capitalism

The State is Rolling Back

Everyman’s Dictionary of Economics

Introducing Market Forces into Public Services

Government Failure and Over-Government

The Welfare State: Pensions, Healthcare and Education

The IEA, the LSE, and Influence of Ideas

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