1 thought on “Can game theory help to explain the UK’s current Brexit difficulties?”

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    Thank you for a very clear demonstration of the goals and pay offs in these negotiations.
    I note there is no time element accounted for. The options were the same on day one as on day 1,009. So was all the summitry meant to fool us, or to fool the politicians themselves? One might argue that these outcomes only came into focus as negotiations progressed, but surely a good negotiator should game the possible outcomes in advance.
    Also, your excellent essay makes no distinction between the EU and the member states. But different countries have different priorities. Some, with a good trading relationship and security arrangements, would want to offer a generous deal, some don’t care much either way and some consider the integrity of the EU a top priority. Some countries (I’m looking at Ireland) have played a very poor hand in this respect. One last question. How did the EU persuade 27 countries that it alone was competent to set the terms of any deal?

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