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    I would also include the unseen cost of not having unproductive or slow businesses in the market place. Independent stores who hire a student on half minimum wage but who spends half his time serving customers and half with his head in a book are less likely to exist. Or the café that takes a long time to serve you because it’s in a quiet location or has hired a disabled worker.
    We’ve been lucky in the UK that many independent businesses have broken the law, and nobody has been prepared to report them thank goodness, so as a result we still have a pretty diverse high street and are still in one of the world’s top 15 ( on official happiness rankings ). But Great Britain could be even more groovy without the NMW.

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    The topic of the minimum wage has always been and will be controversial, because clearly for each person this concept is very different. I read a lot of resources on this topic and was surprised by the various facts I learned, more info here.
    But the main thing I realized is that we need reform of benefits, a large increase in housing construction, and a reduction in forms of product regulation and taxation that disproportionately harm the poor.

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