2 thoughts on “An Introduction to An Introduction to Democracy”

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    Thank you for this clear introduction to a subject which is fundamental and complex yet too little discussed. As with countries with green in their flags, don’t invest in countries with Democratic in their names.

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    As explained from first principles here: https://gezwinstanley.wordpress.com/questions-and-some-answers-how-to-live-with-yourself-and-others/ no one is an island, as everyone’s actions effect everyone else, it’s only the collective that can decide the limits of individual autonomy (see especially the section on “Autonomy”). A democratic consensus has to be the very foundation of libertarianism. (But consensus forms of democracy are indeed to be preferred to pure majoritarian democracy, that’s one of the reasons, for example, that proportional or preferential voting systems tend to be superior to first passed the post, and why mechanisms should be adopted to try and protect the interests of minorities).

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