2 thoughts on “Why zero-hours contracts are a good thing”

  1. Posted 26/02/2020 at 18:19 | Permalink

    Many opportunities where people are employed on ‘zero hours contracts’ either could not be offered at all or would have to be on a casual labour basis if such contracts were banned.

    My daughter, for example, was on two ZHCs when she was a student and this provided her with some holiday employment work, for example, as event staff during Royal Ascot and HRR and even private parties. As neither of these events are more than a week in duration it is not clear how she could have been on a supposedly more favourable type of contract, especially as she didn’t want to work during her whole university holidays.

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    Zero hours makes sense and employers should offer workers equity participation too. They are now part of the workforce and deserve some of the wages of capital as well as the wages of their labour

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