2 thoughts on “Why has the government given up on labour market reform?”

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    There are doubtlessly wasteful, unnecessary regulations, and also gender pay gaps that have a good explanation. However, I work in financial services, and the degree to which men are promoted over women, without justification, has become clear through these reports, when it was previously just known but unprovable. Proving discrimination for any one, individual case is very hard and expensive, and makes the woman in question effectively unemployable in the industry; it’s hard to deny widespread, institutional discrimination when an organisation of tens of thousands of people pays their female staff 48% less than their male staff, for work that, across the board, can be done just as well by women, and when there is no shortage of women willing to do it. The reports should be retained, and if anything, there should be consequences when there are such disparities.

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    Why do profit-hungry businesses promote men over more competent women, and hire more expensive males over cheaper women?
    Does this not create an opportunity for a non-discriminatory business to gain a big cost and productivity advantage?
    If you only judge equality in terms of outcome rather opportunity no system in the world can ever meet your criterion. Every organisation, everywhere, is institutionally sexist, racist, ableist etc.
    Of course discrimination exists. But blatant cases are getting fewer as a result of legal penalties. Most pay gaps are the result of much more subtle factors which are in large part the result of worker choices and behaviour, such as types of qualification, job search patterns, willingness to move, propensity to seek promotion, preference for working with other people and so on. There are pay gaps between any discernible groups – by ethnicity, health status, sexual orientation, religion, age, height (plenty of evidence on this), good looks (men and women), BMI etc etc.

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