Lifestyle Economics
Yesterday saw the publication of the first ever Nanny State Index. It looks at 32 criteria and 28 countries to identify the best and worst places to drink, smoke, vape and eat in the European Union. Finland comes top of the table thanks to its punitive taxes on alcohol, soft drinks and food, as well ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics
Last night we learned that the government plans to change the law to ensure that cigarettes are sold in plain packages. The ostensible goal of reducing the number of smokers may be well-intentioned, but in practice this will be a policy with a negligible health impact and extremely worrying repercussions for black market activity. International ... Continue reading
Are free markets incompatible with good health? To hear some of the rhetoric that comes from the medical establishment, you might think so. If the solution to every problem involves banning advertising, raising prices and restricting availability, you might easily conclude that competitive capitalism is the disease and government regulation, including state monopolies and outright ... Continue reading
Plain packaging for tobacco appears to have been rejected by the UK's Coalition government, just as it was rejected by the previous Labour government, but the idea continues to appeal to politicians who wish to make a name for themselves. The latest figure to express an interest is Irish Health Minister James Reilly. It is ... Continue reading
A curious little idea was reported by the BBC and the Telegraph this week, when two academics from Bath University called for the UK’s tobacco industry to be ‘regulated like water companies’. Anna Gilmore of the UK Centre Tobacco Control Studies - a campaign group based at the University - came up with the idea in ... Continue reading
The long-awaited UK consultation on plain packaging was announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in April and will end next month. The Conservatives, who had strongly opposed both tobacco display bans and plain packaging while they were in opposition, have apparently, now that they are in government, discovered the ‘truth’ about plain packaging. Despite the ... Continue reading
●  Philip Booth suggests it is not “morally bankrupt” to oppose a “Robin Hood” tax ●  Patrick Basham criticises the Department of Health’s new tobacco control strategy ●  Tim Congdon reviews The Pinch by David Willetts ●  Peter King discusses the success of the Right to Buy policy ●  Patrick Minford provides a rational interpretation of the banking crisis ●  George Monbiot ... Continue reading