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    Norwich prison is selling 12.5 gms of tobacco for £7. The pice in UK shops is about £4 for 12.5gms. I asked the CAB if this is legal and was told that sellers can charge what ever they like and it was upto the consumer whether they wanted to buy it or not.

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    So, basically, it’s like this Godber – the screws have almost doubled the value of tobacco as a commodity to barter wiv. Manna from heaven for us non smokers.

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    Fletch. I was referring to the cost of tobacco in the prison shop. The prisoners have their own scam, if a pouch is borrowed two have to be repaid. Anybody doing this should be locked up 🙂

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    Come to think of it, the Anti Tobacco lobby do have a similarity to Mr. McKay.

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    Four pounds for 12.5g? Hmm… that would come out to… 320 pounds per kilogram?

    Here in the USA in Pennsylvania we pay …. hmmm…. a bit less than $15/lb, which would come out to about $32 per kilogram, or … hmm… just about 20 pounds per kilogram.

    Mr. Snowdon, when you speak of the government getting 80% of the price in tax, I think you may be underestimating them. Granted, there might be some slight transportation charges involved but I doubt it’d be more than a pound per pound (so to speak) so it looks to me like the British government is making somewhere on the order of 300 pounds per kilogram of tobacco — all of it with no effort, no investment, and no guilt.

    I’d say the present-day tobacco situation is about as clear an example as any anarchist could ever dream of in encouraging citizens to disrespect the rule of their governments and regard them as nothing more than mobsters out to steal people’s money through completely illegitimate taxes.

    Nice, eh?

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

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    The Government must continue to raise the duty on tobacco products in order that terrorists can make a fortune from smuggling. Terrorists need the money to finance the killing of our troops and workers.

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