6 thoughts on “Why the plain packaging consultation is deeply flawed”

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    I’m pretty sure that Chanel, Playboy and a lot of Chinese factories are already designing neat stylish cigarette cases that will end up being must-have accessories, turning what has been rather garish packaging into true status symbols to complete one’s look.

    So, there is a third lobby to consider here — the fashion and jewelry industry who no doubt will LOVE having an entire new product line to market.

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    Helpful Harry:
    Following on from the logic of the article, perhaps ‘Tobaccotactics’ should be open and honest about the source of its funding and the particular proclivities of its members as well? Perhaps you should make clear that it is run by a bunch of anti-tobacco ‘academics’ (led by the anti smoking campaigner Anna Gilmore) based at the Uni of Bath who use tax-payer funded research grant money to put together this propaganda website rather than using it to conduct academic research. Their money comes from the UK govt and the EU, both of whom have a long-standing anti-smoking agenda. Based on this, Tobaccotactics looks dirtier than the IEA to me.

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    All those “fun facts” even pre-date me at the IEA! The Scruton incident came as a genuine surprise and we (before my time) held our hands up and changed our policy and now ask all monograph authors to declare interests. Out of about 4,000 publications in nearly 60 years, there have been rather few about tobacco given that it is one product that is so far from resembling a market economy and has become more and more regulated in the last 30 years.

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    If you wast to find out more about those pushing the tobacco control agenda through pseudo science funded by you and me then go here: http://tctactics.org/index.php/Main_Page

    Chris Snowdon also has some nice posts revealing the flaws in their evidence: http://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/latest-smoking-banheart-attack-study-is.html

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