Spotlight: The IEA’s 2015 Progress Report



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Energy and Environment

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The IEA's 2015 Progress Report END OF YEAR booklet A5_spreads.pdf
The IEA has spent 2015 in the spotlight more than ever before. During this year we have:

  • Launched The Paragon Initiative – a far-reaching research programme providing a fundamental reassessment of what Government should and shouldn’t do

  • Won a major international award for one of our striking series for short films

  • Staged a series of innovative and exciting new events attracting thousands of youngsters from the UK and far beyond

  • Celebrated 60 years of flying the flag for a smaller state, lower taxes, less regulation and greater economic freedom for all.

Spotlight explores what each part of the IEA has been up to this year, and will give a taste of the various projects we carry out to spread the free market message. Download the 2015 booklet here.