The Paragon Initiative.

The Institute of Economic Affairs, one of the most serious and respected think-tanks in Britain, last year launched its Paragon Initiative, which will evaluate everything the state does in order to see whether it is necessary…. the state is too big, and the mentality that public spending is inevitably inherently good has been allowed to sink its roots too deeply into Conservative thought.” – Simon Heffer, The Daily Telegraph

Welcome to The Paragon Initiative, the most comprehensive project ever undertaken by the IEA.

This five year programme will provide a fundamental reassessment of what Government should – and shouldn’t – do. It will put every area of government activity under the microscope and analyse the failure of current policies.

Drawing on best practice from around the world, it will put forward clear and considered solutions to the UK’s problems. And it will identify the areas of Government activity that can be put back in the hands of individuals, families, civil society, local government, charities and the markets.

Through a comprehensive and compelling series of books, papers, films, events and more, The Paragon Initiative will provide a clear vision of a new relationship between the state and society.

And, ultimately, it will create a blueprint for a better, freer Britain.

You can see an introduction to The Paragon Initiative on ieaTV here.

Click here for an introductory booklet about The Paragon Initiative.

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Read our first paper, an introduction to the project here. It lays out the scale of the problem that the UK faces – poor outcomes in public services, budget blow outs and over-centralisation.