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Economic liberalism and social justice (Volume 30.1)


Economic Affairs

CSR is conceptually incoherent, practically unworkable and wholly unjustified

Economic Affairs

Sector is now highly politicised

Free markets both alleviate poverty and empower the poor
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Main articles

Economic liberalism and social justice (editorial) by John Meadowcroft and Gerard Casey

Inspecting the foundations of liberalism by Anthony de Jasay

Land reform as social justice: the case of South Africa by Karol Boudreaux (sample article)

Some common misconceptions in discussion of markets and morality by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Suggestions on rebuilding Catholic Social Teaching on economics by William R. Luckey

The knowledge inheritance theory of distributive social justice by Elaine Sternberg

Other articles

The future of markets by John Kay

State education in the nineteenth century: demanded or imposed by Kate McNally

Why are some places rich while others are poor? The institutional necessity of economic freedom by Art Carden and Joshua Hall

Dr Olson’s antidote for institutional sclerosis by John Considine and Robert Butler

The sustained impacts of taxi deregulation by Sean D. Barrett

Globalisation: past and present by Dilip K. Das

Controlling bankers’ bonuses: efficient regulation or politics of envy? by Kent Matthews and Owen Matthews

The Spanish external sector: a policy of trade openness by Estela Saenz

The use and abuse of markets in housing policy by Peter King

Fair trade is counterproductive and unfair: rejoinder by Colleen Haight and David R. Henderson

Economic viewpoints

Challenging the empirical empire by Helen Jackson and Paul Ormerod

Elinor Ostrom – Nobel Prize in Economics 2009 by Paul Dragos Aligica

Whither consumer protection in financial markets? Lessons from the financial crisis of 1857 by Benedikt Koehler

The ‘broken windows’ theory and the New York experience reconsidered by Joseph S. Fulda


The need for joined-up debt management policy by Tim Congdon

Will Asia go regional? by Razeen Sally

Why not Tesco schools, Sir Terry? by James Stanfield

Economic and political freedom drive prosperity by Roger Bate

Three myths of the financial crisis by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement