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Corporate Social Responsibility (Volume 29.4)


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How can future economic crises be avoided?

Economic Affairs

Free markets both alleviate poverty and empower the poor

CSR is conceptually incoherent, practically unworkable and wholly unjustified
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Main articles

Corporate social responsibility (editorial) by Philip Booth

Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance (sample article) by Elaine Sternberg

Misguided corporate virtue: the case against CSR and the true role of business today by David Henderson

Corporate social responsibility and the Companies Act 2006 by Stephen F. Copp

Fair trade and corporate social responsibility by Sushil Mohan

Evaluating the criticisms of fair trade by Alistair M. Smith

Other articles

How should Britain’s government spending and tax burdens be measured? A historic perspective on the 2009 Budget forecasts by David B. Smith

Poverty in Britain, past and present by Kristian Niemietz

How can we call transport a utility? by John Hibbs

Qualitative easing in support of a tumbling financial system: a look at the Eurosystem’s recent balance sheet policies by Philipp Bagus and David Howden

Fly-by-night builders in Harbin and Shanghai by Rita Yi Man Li

Institutional failures of socialism by Panagiotis Evangelopoulos

Economic viewpoints

Four propositions about international labour standards by Art Carden and Joshua Hall

The 1930s and the present day – crises compared by Pangiotis Evangelopoulos

Arguing for liberty in a secular age by Joseph S. Fulda

There is no such thing as society by G. R. Steele

A note on the ‘great contraction’ by Ali Kabiri

Islamic finance as a progenitor of venture capital by Benedikt Koehler

Are economists market fundamentalists? by Art Carden and Mike Hammock

The emergence of liberal socialism in continental Europe


Banks will lend less if regulated more by Tim Congdon

A new era for Sri Lanka by Razeen Sally

Ban all political interference with university tuition fees by James Stanfield

India must protect intellectual property by Roger Bate

Does our wealth impoverish the poor? by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews