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Central Banking, Monetary Stability and Financial Stability (Volume 29.3)


Economic Affairs

The importance of liberty, contracts and private property

Economic Affairs

CSR is conceptually incoherent, practically unworkable and wholly unjustified

How can future economic crises be avoided?
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Main articles

Central banking, monetary stability and financial stability (editorial) by Geoffrey Wood

Do we really need central banks? by Roland Vaubel

Central banks: from politically independent to market-dependent institutions by Pedro Schwartz and Juan Castaneda

World recession: what went wrong? by Robert L. Hetzel

The Austrians and the crisis by Robert C. B. Miller

Is it time for price-level targeting? (sample article) by Steve Ambler

The role of central banks in financial supervision and regulation by David G. Mayes

Financial crisis resolution – the state as a lender of last resort? by Charles B. Blankart and Erik R. Fasten

The Treasury Select Committee: its reach and its role in the financial crisis by John McFall

Other articles

Privatising climate policy by Graham Dawson

Catholicism and capitalism by Philip Booth

Navigating reforms: lessons from India by Arun Shourie

Comment on Navigating reforms: lessons from India,the 2008 Wincott Lecture, given by Arun Shourie by Razeen Sally

Contracts and partnerships by John Hibbs

What attracts foreign investment: a closer look by Nabamita Dutta and Sanjukta Roy

Economic viewpoints

Climate change issues: a dissenting voice by David Henderson

Globalisation and an emerging global middle class by Dilip K. Das

The Articles of Confederation show the need for direct taxation? It just ain’t so! by Scott Beaulier, Joshua Hall and Ben VanMetre

This is not a credit crisis – it is a debt crisis by Dirk J. Bezemer

Damn the rules, it’s a parallel universe! by G. R. Steele

Top-down support for bottom-up trade liberalisation by Valentin Zahrnt

International Deposit Insurance by Max Gillman


New Classicism and New Keynesianism have failed by Tim Congdon

Three Asian myths and the global economic crisis by Razeen Sally

Privatise all business and law schools by James Stanfield

UN’s political correctness costs lives by Roger Bate

Privatisation as a means of reducing freedom: bringing an ideal into disrepute by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews