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Innovation and regulation in energy supply (Volume 30.2)


Economic Affairs

Free markets both alleviate poverty and empower the poor

Economic Affairs

How state-funded NGOs are corrupting the political process in developing countries

Sector is now highly politicised
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Main articles

Innovation and regulation in energy supply by Stephen Jones and George Yarrow (editorial)
Promoting innovation in the electricity industry by L. Lynne Kiesling
Innovation and competition in generation and retail power markets by Elizabeth Hooper and Catherine Waddams Price
A nuclear future? UK government policy and the role of the market by David Newbery.
Networks, innovation and regulation by Stephen Smith

Other articles

Regulation and the natural progress of opulence by Sam Peltzman
Deferred fees for universities by Neil Shephard (sample article)
Lack of rigour in defending fairtrade: a reply to Alistair Smith by Peter Griffiths
Lack of rigour in defending fairtrade: some important clarifications of a distorting account – a reply to Peter Griffiths by Alistair M. Smith
Liberal economics and the rise of laissez-faire ecology by Andrew Ryder
Money still matters – the implications of M4X for quantitative easing by David B. Smith
Economic sanctions revisited: additional insights into why they fail by Charles A. Rarick and Thaung Han
The truthiness hurts by Art Carden

Economic viewpoints

Zero consistency: a critique of Caritas Europa’s ‘Zero Poverty’ campaign by Kristian Niemietz
Traffic lights: weapons of mass distraction, danger and delay by Martin Cassini
Disastrous anti-economics and the economics of disasters by Art Carden


Growing pains for the next government by Tim Congdon
A new strategy for Britain in Europe by Razeen Sally
A freedom-based approach by James Stanfield
Obama’s Nobel Prize for rhetoric by Roger Bate
Economics beats politics by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement