Economic Affairs

Welfare Reform (Volume 22.1)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Reforming the NHS, guest edited by Heather Gage

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Culture and Economics, guest edited by Claire Morgan

Main articles on Welfare Reform, guest edited by Dennis and Mary O'Keeffe. The sample article is on UK pensions policy.
Main articles:

Free Market, Welfare state and the reform services by Dennis and Mary O’Keeffe
Renewing British Welfare by David Marsland
Ending welfare as we know it: a modest proposal by Robert W. McGee
Let’s end, not mend, Social Security by Walter Block, David Lorch, Bobby Midkiff and Keith Reed
Back to the future: towards a better state of healthcare by Tim Evans and Helen Evans
Whither UK pensions policy? Richard Baron

Other articles:

The Czech Republic: progess towards freedom and a market economy by Vaclav Klaus
Petrol taxes and congestion charges by Alan Walters
Bastiat versus Blair by Lord Harris of High Cross
Examination boards: regulatory overkill or pattern for the future? Bene’t Steinberg


In the city: Japan and the shortcomings of macroeconomics by Tim Congdon
Education: Boys’ underachievement by James Tooley
Technology: Consuming nonsense by Julian Morris
The Environment: Turtle conservation: another Antony Fisher legacy by Roger Bate
Fallacies: Imposing labour standards helps the poor and protects domestic workers by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews by

D. R. Myddelton
John Blundell
Matthew Elliott
Geoffrey E. Wood
Peter Urwin
Robert Blumen
Michael De Alessi