Main articles on Reforming the NHS, guest edited by Heather Gage

Main articles:

Healthcare Reform Heather Gage
Transforming the NHS: what chance for the new government? Jennifer Dixon
NHS malaise: diagnosis and treatment option Heather Gage
The elusive NHS consumer: 1948 to the NHS Plan Will Anderson and Steve Gillam
Clinical negligence in the UK: throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Neil Rickman and Paul Fenn
Current trends and future directions for the Canadian healthcare system Peter C. Coyte
‘Don’t try this at home’: health policy lessons for the NHS from the United States Kieran Walshe

Other articles:

Arthur Seldon’s Honorary Fellowship at the LSE Robert Worcester
What can we learn from Switzerland? Victoria Curzon Price
Popper and Classical liberalism Jeremy Shearmur
UK pension policy: world leader turning laggard? Terry Arthur
The rhetoric and reality: employer responses to the national minimum wage Alfred Crossman


In the City: Housing drives the economy Tim Congdon
Education: Professor Edwin G. West: an appreciation James Tooley
Technology: A new blood feud? Julian Morris
The Environment: Saving our streams Roger Bate
Fallacies: The chancellor should reduce his spending plans, Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews by:

Sir Samuel Brittan
Philip Hanson
Russell Lewis
D. R. Myddelton
Philip Booth
Andrew Lilico
Ian Senior
Lesley Kelly
Tony Carilli

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