Economic Affairs

Culture and Economics (Volume 22.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Welfare Reform, guest edited by Dennis and Mary O'Keeffe. The sample article is on UK pensions policy.

Economic Affairs

Main articles on The Economics of Crime , guest edited by Peter Wynarczyk

Main articles on Culture and Economics, guest edited by Claire Morgan

Main articles:

Commercial art music by Jonathan Le Cocq

Saatchi, Sensation, and why contemporary art should not be conceded to the left by Bunny Smedley

Language and totalitarian regimes by Magda Stroinska

Of Cabbages and Kings by Stephen A. Erickson

Other Articles:

Why students should pay the full costs of their education by E J. Mishan

Markets, tacit knowledge and education by Rajiv Prabhakar

The Liquidity trap and price-level targeting by Andrew Lilico


In the City: The Century of equity investment by Tim Congdon

Education: Private Education in the European Union by James Tooley

Technology: Negligent Law by Julian Morris

The Environment: How Markets help provide water for the poor by Roger Bate

Fallacies: Workers should hold shares in the company they work for by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book Reviews by:

David Simpson

Forrest Capie

Bene’t Steinberg

Bob Layson

Martin Ricketts

Alberto Mingardi