Economic Affairs

Self-funding Infrastructure (Volume 25.1)


Economic Affairs

Main articles feature a symposium on 'Education for All' Through Privatisation?, guest edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield

Economic Affairs

Main articles are devoted to Philanthropic Enterprise, guest edited by Lenore T Ealy

Main articles are devoted to Self-funding Infrastructure, guest edited by Fred Harrison

Full contents:

‘Self-funding infrastructure: towards a new model of the tax state’ by Fred Harrison

‘Optimal pricing: the route to a self-funding infrastructure – and more’ by Rana Roy

‘Paying for Crossrail: the business case’ by Michael Schabas

‘The fiscal challenge of competitive markets’ by Fred Harrison

‘Infrastructure: optimal private and governmental funding and provision’ by Fred E Foldvary

‘An Infra-surfer’s paradise: riding the crest of the land-value wave’ by Don Riley

Other articles

‘Educational expansion: the worms in the apple’ by Alison Wolf

‘Inside the ‘Black Box’ of market discipline’ by David T Llewellyn

Economic Viewpoints

‘Equal Treatment Directive misunderstands risk and threatens insurance markets’
by Paul MacDonnell

‘The economic case for immigration’ by Diane Coyle


‘The Pensions Committee: is Adair Turner irrational or confused?’ by Tim Congdon

‘White mischief with education in Kenya’ by James Stanfield

‘Freedom reduces per capita greenhouse gas emissions’ by Roger Bate

‘The ubiquity of self-interest and the democratic fairytale’ by John Meadowcroft