Economic Affairs

Education for All’ Through Privatisation? (Volume 24.4)


Economic Affairs

Main articles are devoted to morality, responsibility and the marketplace, editd by Philip Booth

Economic Affairs

Main articles are devoted to Self-funding Infrastructure, guest edited by Fred Harrison

Main articles feature a symposium on 'Education for All' Through Privatisation?, guest edited by James Tooley and James Stanfield

The full contents are:

Private education and ‘Education for All’ by James Tooley

Private education and ‘Education for All’ – or how not to construct an evidence-based argument: a reply to Tooley by Kevin Watkins

‘A luta continua’ (The struggle continues): rejoinder to Watkins by James Tooley

Basic education as a human right by Larry Wilmore

Sharing the burden of financing: governments and household partnerships for basic education by Mark Bray

EFA and private education: regional experiences and findings by Igor Kitaev

The regulation of private schools serving low-income families in Hyderabad, India: An Austrian economic perspective by Pauline Dixon

Other Articles

Economics, religion and the decline of Europe by Niall Ferguson

Challenges for financial stability policy by Alastair Clark

Life insurance: regulation as contract enforcement by Alan D. Morrison

Federation with majority decisions: economic lessons from the history of the United States, Germany and the European Union by Roland Vaubel

Economic Viewpoints

Must Government Go Fishing? by Gerald Elliot


Monitor money, not interest rates by Tim Congdon

Samuel Smiles on Education by James Stanfield

The British Lysenko? by Roger Bate

Citizen empowerment: by ballot box or market? by John Meadowcroft

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