Main articles are devoted to morality, responsibility and the marketplace, editd by Philip Booth

The June 2004 issue of the IEA’s journal, Economic Affairs, is a special issue devoted to morality, responsibility and the marketplace.

Full contents:

Morality, responsibility and the marketplace

‘Morality, responsibility and the marketplace’ by Philip Booth

‘Ethics and the market econonmy: Insights from Catholic moral theology’ by Samuel Gregg

‘Trust and professional responsibility in a liberal market’ by Chris Daykin

‘The market economy and the teachings of the Christain Gospel’ by Jonathan Aitken

‘Corruption, the government and the private sector: Why it matters and what can be done’ by Ian Senior

Other articles

‘Switzerland: growth of government, growth of centralisation’ by Victoria Curzon Price

‘Mathematical formalism in economics: consequences and alternatives’ by Stephen Pratten

‘Theoretical foundations of empirical measures of freedom: a research challenge to liberal economists’ by Sebastiano Bavetta and Pietro Navarra

‘Market power and the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa’ by George G Djolov

Economic Viewpoints

‘Markets, imperfections and the dangers of over-regulating energy markets’ by Colin Robinson

‘Reigniting the railway conversion debate’ by Paul F Withrington

‘Who pays for wheelchairs?’ by Geoffrey E Wood

‘Pious Lies: The justification of states and welfare states’ by Antony de Jasay

‘Theatre critics and theatre going’ by Ian Senior


‘Bye Bye BBC’ by Tim Congdon

‘Public-private partnerships: a cautionary tale’ by James Tooley

‘Moore wisdom needed’ by Roger Bate

‘A liberal manifesto for the Liberal Democrats’ by John Meadowcroft