Economic Affairs

Morality, Responsibility and the Marketplace (Volume 24.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on The Governance of the European Union, guest edited by Professor Norman Barry

Economic Affairs

Main articles provide prospective on the UK's experience of privatisation

Main articles are devoted to morality, responsibility and the marketplace, editd by Philip Booth

The June 2004 issue of the IEA’s journal, Economic Affairs, is a special issue devoted to morality, responsibility and the marketplace.

Full contents:

Morality, responsibility and the marketplace

‘Morality, responsibility and the marketplace’ by Philip Booth

‘Ethics and the market econonmy: Insights from Catholic moral theology’ by Samuel Gregg

‘Trust and professional responsibility in a liberal market’ by Chris Daykin

‘The market economy and the teachings of the Christain Gospel’ by Jonathan Aitken

‘Corruption, the government and the private sector: Why it matters and what can be done’ by Ian Senior

Other articles

‘Switzerland: growth of government, growth of centralisation’ by Victoria Curzon Price

‘Mathematical formalism in economics: consequences and alternatives’ by Stephen Pratten

‘Theoretical foundations of empirical measures of freedom: a research challenge to liberal economists’ by Sebastiano Bavetta and Pietro Navarra

‘Market power and the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa’ by George G Djolov

Economic Viewpoints

‘Markets, imperfections and the dangers of over-regulating energy markets’ by Colin Robinson

‘Reigniting the railway conversion debate’ by Paul F Withrington

‘Who pays for wheelchairs?’ by Geoffrey E Wood

‘Pious Lies: The justification of states and welfare states’ by Antony de Jasay

‘Theatre critics and theatre going’ by Ian Senior


‘Bye Bye BBC’ by Tim Congdon

‘Public-private partnerships: a cautionary tale’ by James Tooley

‘Moore wisdom needed’ by Roger Bate

‘A liberal manifesto for the Liberal Democrats’ by John Meadowcroft