Economic Affairs

Philanthropic Enterprise (Volume 25.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles are devoted to Self-funding Infrastructure, guest edited by Fred Harrison

Economic Affairs

Main articles examine the economics of employment regulation, guest edited by J. R. Shackleton

Main articles are devoted to Philanthropic Enterprise, guest edited by Lenore T Ealy

Full contents:

Main articles:

The Philanthropic enterprise: reassessing the means and ends of philanthropy by Lenore T Ealy

Fostering sustainable complexity in the microfinance industry: which way forward? by Emily Chamlee-Wright

Philanthropy and enterprise in the British credit union movement by Paul A Jones

Is there a conflict between commercial gain and concern for the poor? Evidence from private schools in India and Nigeria by James Tooley and Pauline Dixon

Implementing privatisation: social change as a discovery process by David Nott

Rotarians against malaria: philanthropic enterprise in action by Drake Zimmerman

Other articles:

International trade and global stability by Gerald P O’Driscoll Jr and Sara F Cooper

Christainity, the market economy and the limits to human knowledge by Philip Booth

Economic Viewpoints:

Freedom and its enemies: problems of re-establishing freedom and democracy the European context by Vaclav Klaus

Poverty, institutions and economics: Hernando de Soto on property rights and economic development by Martin Ricketts

Licence values in taxi markets by Benedict Koehler


Money growth causes inflation – do we have to learn the lesson again? by Tim Congdon

Adam Smith on education by James Stanfield

Climate clacier politics by Roger Bate

Fight poverty, support inequality by John Meadowcroft

Books reviews

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