Economic Affairs

Science Policy (Volume 20.3)


Economic Affairs

Main articls on Europe: Single Market or Political Union?, edited by Colin Robinson

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Markets and the Internet, guest edited by Julian Morris

Main articles on Science Policy, guest edited by Terence Kealey

Main articles

Science Policy by Terence Kealey
Should Governments Fund Science? by Terence Kealey and Omar Al-Ubaydii
Endogenous Growth Theory: a Critique by Omar Al-Ubaydii and Terence Kealey
Excludability, Creativity and the Case Against the Patent System by Pierre Desrochers
Managing Knowledge: Changing Ways of Wealth Creation by Ashok S. Ganguly
Science and the Campaigners by Richard D. North

Other articles

A note on redistribution by Gordon Tullock
Injecting incentives into the solution of social problems: Social Policy Bonds by Ronnie Horesh
Interest rates are low but are annuities expensive? by Philip Booth and Geoffrey E. Wood
The verdict on the minimum wage: guilty on all counts by Bruce Bartlett
‘Any schmuck can consume’ by John Blundell
Making consumers ‘Kings of the NHS’ by Heather Gage and Neil Rickman


In the City: Managment banditry and the bull market by Tim Congdon
The Aeroflot of International Health services? by David G. Green
Charter Schools by James Tooley
Northern country regulation can kill those in the Third World by Roger Bate
Scotland should be represented on the MPC by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews by

Terence Hutchison
Derek Turner
David Kirkpatrick
Peter J. Buckley
Sir Douglas Hague
Forrest Capie
David B. Smith

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs