Economic Affairs

Europe: Single Market or Political Union? (Volume 19.4)



A Dispassionate Economic Analysis of 'Fair Trade'

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Science Policy, guest edited by Terence Kealey

Main articls on Europe: Single Market or Political Union?, edited by Colin Robinson

Main articles:

Europe: Single market or political union? by Colin Robinson
Europe: Single Market or Political Union? by Lord Howe of Aberavon
The New Europe by Lord Owen
Britain, the EU and the Global Economy by Michael Portillo
Europe in the Year 2000: three Pitfalls Ahead by Roland Vaubel
National Governments under the Discipline of Global Forces by Jean-Luc Migué®

Other articles:

Professor Michael Beesley: An Appreciation by Colin Robinson
The Monetary Policy Committee: An End-of-Term Evaluation by Kent Matthews
The Future of NATO: a Defence Economics Perspective by Keith Hartley
Are Gilts Ethical Investments? by Terry Arthur
Fallacies in the Stakeholding Debate by Lawrence Haar.


Efficiency with fairness? by Tim Congdon
The impact of NHS rationing on heart disease by David G. Green
Parental choice and inequality by James Tooley
Greenpeace provides no public benefit by Roger Bate
The ‘Iron Chancellor’ and government spending by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews:

Gerard Radnitzky
David Kern
Peter Sloane
Stephen Littlechild
Graham Bird
Edward Collins
Graham Bannock
Jim Bourlet
Lynett Swift
Geoffrey E. Wood
Patrick Minford
John Chown

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