Economic Affairs

Markets and the Internet (Volume 20.1)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Science Policy, guest edited by Terence Kealey

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Assurance and Trust, edited by Colin Robinson

Main articles on Markets and the Internet, guest edited by Julian Morris

Main articles:

Living in virtual reality by Julian Morris
Is Privately-provided electronic money next? by Catherine England
Don’t Tax the Net by Fred L. Smith Jr
The Internet, Economic Growth and Governance by Gordon L. Brady
Oppression Net by Chris Ellison
Freedom Net by Rob Killick, with additional research by Sandy Starr

Other articles:

Europe: Common Money – Political Union? by Otmar Issing
The rebirth of Austrian Economics: 1974-99 by Karen I. Vaughn
McJob, McCheque, McWonderful by John Blundell
Minimum Wage Myths by Chris Dillow
RIP – SME by David Franklin


Freedom, anarchy and stock markets by Tim Congdon
They’ve had a good innings by David G. Green
Privatisation of Schooling, Chinese style by James Tooley
Saving the problem: green job maintenance by Roger Bate
Inflation, real values and ‘government money’ by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews:

Graham Bannock
Geoffrey E. Wood
Forrest Capie
Russell Lewis
J R Shackleton

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs