Main articles on Regulation and the Small Firm, guest edited by Graham Bannock

Main articles:

Controlling regulation Graham Bannock
The operating costs of taxation: a review of the research Chris Evans
Government administrative burdens on SMEs in East Africa: reviewing issues and actions Fiona Macculloch
A small business perspective on regulation in the UK Ian Fletcher
Federal regulation and the American economy Thomas A. Gray
Reforming value added tax Graham Bannock

Other Articles:

Deregulation initiatives in Hong Kong Martin Barrow
Franchise and the transport market: a new threat from Brussels John Hibbs
Currency options: Hayek and competing currencies G. R. Steele
Economics, slavery and victorian reformers Terry Arthur


In the City: The UK’s successful service industries Tim Congdon
Education: Survival is not compulsory James Tooley
Technology: From basket-case to bread basket and beyond:
India’s glorious technological future Julian Morris
The Environment: Bangladesh: basket-case of choice of green alarmists, Roger Bate
Fallacies: ‘The Chancellor can predict the effect of tax allowances on behaviour’ Geoffrey E. Wood

Books reviews by:

Sir Alan Walters
Russell Twisk
Walter Eltis
John Blundell
Allen Sykes
Roger Fouquet

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs.