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Poverty Amidst Affluence? (Volume 27.3)


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Economic Affairs

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This symposium critically examines methods of measuring poverty in developed countries, including the UK and the USA. It is suggested that official ‘poverty rates’ are highly unrealiable. The effect of welfare benefits on poverty levels is also discussed. By encouraging self-defeating behaviour, benefits may actually promote destitution.


Main articles

Poverty amidst affluence? by John Meadowcroft (editorial)

Measuring poverty – what happened to Copenhagen? by Chris Sarlo

Material deprivation, the ‘poverty rate’ and household expenditure in modern America by Nicholas Eberstadt

From the War on Poverty to welfare reform: how the America understanding of the causes of poverty changed by Joel Schwartz

Children, families and the failure of UK anti-poverty policy by Patricia Morgan

Big government: how to create poverty by Johnny Munkhammar (sample article)

Other articles

Planning gain or missed opportunity? The Barker Review of land use planning by John Corkindale

The ‘intuitive’ Labour Theory of Value is counter-intuitive by Joseph S. Fulda

The paradox of slow-growth high-income regions by Jean Luc Migue and Gerard Belanger

Economic sanctions: failed foreign policy tool and a cost to American business by Charles A. Rarick

A model of growth augmented by institutions by Jose Aixala and Gema Fabro

Making truly competitive cities – on the appropriate role for local government by Alan Collins

Challenging the challengers: a review of Serena Olsaretti’s Liberty, Desert and the Market and Daniel Attas’s Liberty Property and Markets, by Elaine Sternberg

Economic viewpoints

Incentive contracts for politicians and binding election promises: reform ideas for democracy by Hans Gersbach

A visionary critic of socialism by Greg Kaza

The Smith-Hayek economist: from character to identity by Daniel B. Klein

British Euroscepticism – a view from a classical liberal perspective by Pawel Lisiewicz


The cost of a momentous day by Tim Congdon

India and globalisation by Razeen Sally

The broken university by James Stanfield

The WHO and health targets by Roger Bate

Who wants to be a millionaire? A guide to successful rent-seeking by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews