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Enterprise Solutions to Poverty in Africa (Volume 27.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Issues in fighting financial crime edited by Chizu Nakajima

Economic Affairs

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Main articles on entrepreneurship and development in sub-Saharan Africa
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This symposium shows how entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth in Africa. Small scale trading by indigenous traders provides the foundation of development rather than aid from rich nations. Billions of dollars have been already spent on Africa, yet such aid funds have not led to development. Instead, the focus needs to be on the adoption of sound political and legal institutions. In particular, secure private property rights are needed to encourage local entrepreneurs to make long-term investments.


Main Articles

Entrepreneurial responses to poverty and social conflict: The Enterprise Africa! project by Peter J. Boettke (editorial)
The business of reconciliation: entrepreneurship and commercial activity in post-conflict Rwanda by Karol Boudreaux
Markets, institutions and Millenium Development Goals by Mwangi S. Kimenyi (sample article)
Development goes wireless by Jasson Urbach
Half a cheer for fair trade by Philip Booth and Linda Whetstone
Educating Amaretch: private schools for the poor and the new frontier for investors by James Tooley

Other Articles

The international current account balances: a sceptical view by W. Max Corden
Regionalism and free-market reform: the case of Poland by Piotr Zientara
The future of news in the digital era by Richard Lambert
The patient as consumer: the advertising of pharmaceuticals directly to consumers should be allowed and encouraged by Frank Auton
Changing business environments, international trade and regional integration: who needs CAFTA? by Julius M. Walecki

Economic viewpoints

Remembering Milton Friedman by John Greenwood
The Report of the Conservative Party Tax Reform Commission by various authors
From Bismarck to Friedman by Kristian Niemietz
Answering the questions on LVT by Fred E. Foldvary
Transport privatisation: principles, problems and prospects by John Hibbs
The rise of bureaucratism: von Mises’ warning – a review essay on Bureaucracy by Ludwig von Mises by Alan Peacock


Nice economy could be ended by ‘social protection’ by Tim Congdon
Europe, trade and globalisation by Razeen Sally
The Austrian economics of education by James Stanfield
The cost of cheap drugs by Roger Bate
Should rural post offices be subsidised? by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

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