Economic Affairs

Issues in Fighting Financial Crime (Volume 27.1)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa edited by Paul Collier

Economic Affairs

Main articles on entrepreneurship and development in sub-Saharan Africa

Main articles on Issues in fighting financial crime edited by Chizu Nakajima
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The main articles examine the problem of financial crime throughout the world. It is argued that blueprint legal and regulatory solutions should not be imposed upon countries with very different cultures and financial systems.

Main Articles

Fighting financial crime: a UK perspective by Mike Bowron and Oliver Shaw
Financial crime in Australia by George Gilligan
Controlling serious financial crime: a Jamaican perspective by Shazeeda Ali
The funding of traditional organized crime in Russia by Irina Abramova
Financial crime trends in Central and Eastern Europe by Nick Ridley
The prevention of financial crime within an Islamic legal framework by Faisal Atbani
Financial crime in South Africa by Louis de Koker
The recent regulatory response to corporate economic crime in the United States:
observations and comments
by James A. Millar and Fred C. Yeager

Other Articles

How trade unions are readblock to Poland’s economic renaissance by Piotr Zientara (sample article)
The development of the Right to Buy and the sale of council houses by Robin Sillars
An examination of the UK labour market for doctors by Roger Fox
The future of market capitalism by J.L. Porket

Economic Viewpoints

Savings in the absence of functioning property rights by Nick Silver, Emmanuel Acquaah and Oskari Juurikkala
Is there an alternative to school vouchers? by Douglas Carswell
Business Improvement Districts: past, present, future by Georgina Dawkins and Julie Grail
Deirdre McCloskey’s The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce by Peter J. Boettke


Too much money chasing too few assets spells danger! by Tim Congdon
The new Asian drama by Razeen Sally
Market-based management in education. by James Stanfield
Unhealthy corruption by Roger Bate
Tax, equity and redistribution by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

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