Economic Affairs

Africa Left Behind (Volume 26.4)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on the economics of sport edited by Peter Sloane

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Issues in fighting financial crime edited by Chizu Nakajima

Main articles on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa edited by Paul Collier
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Despite substantial economic development in most impoverished regions, Africa remains mired in poverty. In 1945 the USA supported Europe’s economic and political recovery through the provision of security, trade and governance policies that complemented aid. It is argued that Africa needs this same co-ordinated approach today.

The guest editor is foreign affairs and development expert, Paul Collier, author of The Bottom Billion and Professor of Economics at Oxford University.


Main Articles

Rethinking assistance for Africa by Paul Collier (editorial)
Ramping up African growth: lessons from five decades of growth experience by Benno J. Ndulu
An interpretation of the significance of the second Battle of Waterloo by Gwyn Prins
Inequality, ethnicity and the fight against corruption in Africa: a Kenyan perspective by John Githongo
African transitions and the resource curse: an alternative perspective by Thomas C. Heller

Other Articles

The 364 economists and the 1981 Budget: an examination of the empirical evidence by Tim Congdon
After the 1981 Budget: a reply to Tim Congdon by Stephen Nickell
Employment protection legislation and the growth of the service sector in the European Union by Piotr Zientara (sample article)
The trouble with final salary pension schemes by Nick Silver

Economic Viewpoints

Taxing land is just another questionable tax by Oliver Marc Hartwich
Rinkonomics: a window on spontaneous order by Daniel B. Klein
Airline ticket taxes: innovation or idiocy? by Anna Hard af Segerstad
More pensions mis-selling ahead: by government of course by Terry Arthur
In your car no one can hear you scream! Are traffic controls in cities a necessary evil? by Martin Cassini


In the medium to long run, we are all pensioners by Tim Congdon
The collapse of the Doha Round: does the WTO have a future? by Razeen Sally
For-profit ‘FairEducation’ comprehensive schooling by James Stanfield
Can Bill Gates’ charity do lasting good? by Roger Bate
Viva personal debt by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Review special

Economics without frontiers