Main articles on the economics of sport edited by Peter Sloane

Editorial: The Economics of Sport: an Overview by Peter Sloane

Main Articles

The Implications of Athlete Freedom to Contract: Lessons from North America by Allen R. Sanderson & John J. Siegfried

Implications of the Bosman Ruling for Football Transfer Markets by Robert Simmons

The Rugby Revolution: New Horizons or False Dawn? by Dennis Thomas

The Market for Corporate Control in Professional Football: Is There an Agency Problem? by Robert McMaster

Team Performance and Managerial Change in the English Football League by Richard Audas, John Goddard & Stephen Dobson

Regulation of the Broadcasting of Sporting Events by Samuel Cameron

The Shadow Economies of Western Europe by Friedrich Schneider

Economists, Crime and Punishment: a Comment on Stephen Shaw’s ‘Accounting for Crime’ by David J. Pyle


In the City: Short-termism and Company Taxation by Tim Congdon

Social Affairs: Social Security Reform: Is There a Role for Mutuality? by David G. Green

Education: Private Vouchers for the Poor by James Tooley

The Environment: Climate Bandwagon Hits the Buffers by Roger Bate

Fallacies: Taxes Should Go Up to Slow Inflation by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book Reviews