Economic Affairs

Pharmaceuticals and Government Policy (Volume 26.3)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Better Regulation Without the State, guest edited by Keith Boyfield. The sample article is on the unintended consequences of the Pensions Act 2004

Economic Affairs

Main articles on pension reform edited by Philip Booth. The editorial is on 'The transition from social insecurity' and the sample article on the Chilean pensions model.

Main articles on pharamaceutcal and healthcare policy and consumer choice
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The main articles are on pharmaceuticals and health policy, guest edited by health policy expert Tony Hockley. The authors propose that, contrary to current trends in the UK, consumers of pharmaceuticals should be empowered to take their own decisions wherever it is feasible. Other articles by Charles Blankart and Achim Klaiber on public debt crises, John Considine on Yes Minister, Gisela Stuart on why we need another Ludwig Erhard, Benedikt Koehler on audit market reform. Plus columns and reviews.


Main Articles

Pharmaceuticals and government policy by Tony Hockley

A new role for consumers’ preferences in the provision of healthcare by Harry Telser and Peter Zweifel

The long-term economic gain from new models of healthcare provision: the opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by Nick Bosanquet

Equity of access to innovative medicines: mission impossible? by Jim Attridge

Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of pharmaceuticals: an updated review of the literature and debate since 2003 by Frank Auton

Six issues in pharmaceuticals by Andrew Lilico

The state giveth, the state taketh away: supporting the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the UK by Mike Sedgley

Other Articles

Subnational government organisation and public debt crises by Charles B. Blankart and Achim Klaiber

“Yes Minister”: invaluable material for teaching the public choice of bureaucracy/i] by John Considine

Economic Viewpoints

The European Union and economic decline: why we need another Ludwig Erhard by Gisela Stuart
Audit market failure by Benedikt Koehler
The great contraction by W. Spencer Kocher
Gordon Brown counts dead children: the true impact of inheritance tax by Cliff Pratten


Energy prices, inflation and monetary policy by Tim Congdon
Sceptics and the Washington consensus by Razeen Sally
Free to choose: yes, Prime Minister/i] by James Stanfield
Sick at the world bank by Roger Bate
In the NHS, more can mean less by John Meadowcroft

Book Reviews