Economic Affairs

The Pensions Problem (Volume 18.1)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on pharamaceutcal and healthcare policy and consumer choice

Economic Affairs

Main articles on the direction in which the Union is moving and Britain's relationship with its Continental partners, edited by Brian Hindley

Main articles on pension reform edited by Philip Booth. The editorial is on 'The transition from social insecurity' and the sample article on the Chilean pensions model.
Main articles

The transition from social insecurity by Philip Booth

The economic principles of pension provision by Patrick Minford

Complementary pensions in the European Union by Chris Daykin

The Chilean model by José Piñera

Poland: the reform of the pension system by Krzysztof Stroinski

Australia’s retirement income system by David Knox

Other Articles

From the LSE to the IEA by Arthur Seldon

Inflation is not dead: sweet and sour spots in the business cycle by Tim Congdon

Fiscal constraints and financial regulation in economic and monetary union by John Whittaker


In the City: The world’s largest current account deficit by Tim Congdon

Social Affairs: Should the NHS be financed by private insurance? by David G. Green

Education: Traveller’s tales by James Tooley

The Environment: To ban or not? by Roger Bate

Fallacies: Government-imposed price rises have worsened inflation by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book Reviews

Richard J. Herrnstein: The Matching Law: Papers in Psychology and Economics

Robert J. Barro: Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study

J. Robert Dolan and Hermann Simon: ‘Power Pricing’: How Managing Price Transforms the Bottom Line

John L. Kelley: Bringing The Market Back In The Political Revitalization of Market Liberalism