Economic Affairs

Better Regulation Without the State (Volume 26.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on the future direction of local government, edited by John Meadowcroft

Economic Affairs

Main articles on pharamaceutcal and healthcare policy and consumer choice

Main articles on Better Regulation Without the State, guest edited by Keith Boyfield. The sample article is on the unintended consequences of the Pensions Act 2004
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In this issue of Economic Affairs the main articles focus on achieving better regulation without the state. The articles will ask whether market institutions themselves are more effective at regulating commercial activity than the state. A particular focus will be the role of the state and the market in financial regulation. The issue also includes articles on nuclear power, economic sanctions and Europe and China.


Main Articles

Better Regulation Without the State by Keith Boyfield

Pyrrhic victory? The unintended consequences of the Pensions Act 2004 by Alistair Byrne, Debbie Harrison, Bill Rhodes and David Blake

The limits of regulatory reform in the EU by Frank Vibert

Financial regulation, the state and the market: is the Financial Services Authority an unnecessary evil? by Terry Arthur and Philip Booth

Advertising regulation and co-regulation by Andrew Brown

Regulation in an untrusting world by Stephen Sklaroff

Other Articles

Europe and China: The Fatal Conceit by Andrew Neil

Europe, China and the Fatal Conceit: a comment on Andrew Neil by Philip Booth

China’s constructivist rationalist: a comment on Andrew Neil by Ross Walker

Deus Caritas Est: the social message of Pope Benedict XVI by Samuel Gregg

Destroying a country in order to save it: the folly of economic sanctions against Myanmar by Charles A Rarick

Economic Viewpoints

Can a new nuclear programme be justified? by Colin Robinson and Eileen Marshall

Taxi deregulation and transaction costs by Christian Seibert

Tributes to Arthur Seldon by Ralph Harris, Stuart Waterhouse, Martin Anderson and Geoffrey Howe


New Labour’s bleak productivity legacy by Tim Congdon

Foreign aid revisited by Razeen Sally

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) on education by James Stanfield

The real costs of Aids in Sierra Leone by Roger Bate

Would Britain have developed with aid? by John Meadowcroft

Book Reviews