Economic Affairs

Financial Services Regulation (Volume 23.3)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on The State Of Our Cities, guest edited by W. Stanley Siebert

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Aid, Trade and Economic Development, guest edited by Razeen Sally

Main articles on Financial Services Regulation, guest edited by Paul Klumpes. The sample article is on UK pensions regulation.

Financial Services Regulation by Paul Klumpes

Competition Among Stakeholder Groups for Political Influence Over Business Regulation: the case of the UK pensions industry by Paul Klumpes

How to clear up the pensions mess by David Simpson

The regulation of life assurers in a low solvency environment: the UK experience by Chris O’Brien

Too much regualation by Geoffrey E. Wood

Who should regulate financial institutions? by Philip Booth

Other articles

More nonsense on stilts: Mr. Bentham is at it again by Anthony de Jasay

Anti-globalisation: bad wine in new bottles? by Andrew Ryder

The origins of liberty and the market: the work of Marjorie-Grice-Hutchinson (1909-2003) by Norman Barry

Simplyfying the taxation of pensions by Philip Booth and Deborah Cooper


In the City: Polititians picking losers by Tim Congdon

Education: 1993 and all that by James Tooley

Technology: Seattle a la playa? by Julian Morris

The Environment: Science anybody? by Roger Bate

Book reviews by;

Dennis O’Keeffe

Robert Blumen

Steve Davies

David B. Smith

Geoffrey E. Wood

Christie Davies

James Stanfield

Ian Senior