Economic Affairs

The State Of Our Cities (Volume 23.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Tax Reform and Simplification, guest edited by D.R. Myddelton

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Financial Services Regulation, guest edited by Paul Klumpes. The sample article is on UK pensions regulation.

Main articles on The State Of Our Cities, guest edited by W. Stanley Siebert

Many things are wrong with our cities and government action is more the problem than the solution. Cities are thinning, car-ridden, crime-threatened and ugly. One may berate the government, or the planners, or the transport lobby, but are there any solutions? In this issue of Economic Affairs, we offer some suggestions.


The state of our cities by W Stanley Siebert
Voluntary roads and streets by Peter A Watt
Land use planning: public or private choice? by Mark Pennington
Regulating care and buses in cities: the case of pedestrianisation in Oxford by Graham Parkhurst
Public choice and urban economics: the unnoticed link between liquor licensing and urban sprawl by W Stanley Siebert
The new Licensing Bill: over-regulating the British pub? by Stuart Neame

Other Articles:

Education and modernity by Dennis O’Keeffe
International governance of the Internet: an economic analysis by Gordon L Brady
Single sky and free market by Peter Brooker