Economic Affairs

Defence Economics (Volume 17.4)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Higher Education After Dearing, guest edited James Tooley

Economic Affairs

Main articles on Road Pricing, guest edited by John Hibbs

Main articles on Defence Economics, guest edited by Keith Hartley

Main articles:

Defence economics: an overview by Keith Hartley
Deterring Nuclear Weapons Proliferation by Dagobert L. Brito and Michael D. Intriligator
Rising costs, Falling Budgets and their Implications for Defence Policyby David Kirkpatrick
The Future of NATO by Todd Sandler
Defence Markets by Keith Hartley
The Economics of Defence Industry Mergers and Divestitures by Ann Markusen
Competing for Quality in Defence by Clive R. Pickard The Economics of Defence Labour Markets by Nick Hooper and Barbara Stephens

The Hayek Lecture:

The transformation of Czech society: retrospect and prospect by Vaclav Klaus

Other articles:

A better auction mechanism, and why governments should sell futures rather than debt by Julian D A Wiseman
Older men: the groom price of migrating Eastern European Women by Samuel Cameron and Allan Collins


The role of the family by Tim Congdon
Pensions: the case against compulsion by David G. Green
Kids’ capitalism by James Tooley
What risk? by Roger Bate
The government should place extra taxes on companies which make ‘excess profits’ by Geoffrey E. Wood

Book reviews:

Sir Douglas Hague
Geoffrey E. Wood
Russell Lewis
Israel M. Kirzner

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs